Frontline Heroes
A Story of Saving Lives

ISBN: 9780984079452


This book sticks with you. You will find yourself recalling many details that will spur your imagination to new heights when dealing with your own organization. It is a simple guide to a journey we all want and need to take…yet don't always know how to begin.

About Frontline Heroes

Life and death decisions call for a special kind of leadership. Frontline Heroes guides your organization on its journey to answer that call.

Well-led Fire and Emergency Service agencies are some of the most effective organizations in the World. Their mission—to make high-pressure life and death decisions in an instant—is extraordinary. So are the results they achieve. And if your organization is seeking to improve its own outcomes, take a cue from the top-of-the-line processes revealed in Frontline Heroes.

As the book reveals, there's nothing mysterious about achieving excellent outcomes. It doesn't require specific products or out-of-the-ordinary leaders or employees. Rather, excellence is based on a carefully constructed series of steps—steps that can help any organization easily identify what it's doing right and build upon those successes. These steps will not only focus your organization's energy on successful outcomes, they'll help you celebrate the journey you've undertaken in your quest to be the best. Frontline Heroes beautifully illustrates how leaders work to create order out of chaos.

This is a book about leading from the front, motivating the team, and using very basic principles to get the job done. You'll learn lessons that can be directly applied to tough challenges in your own organization.

Why Should I Read this Book?

Let's go to the heart of the matter -- What gets you fired up about what you want to do? If you are one of the millions of first responders, let me ask you: do you remember when you were a little child and you heard a fire truck approaching your neighborhood? You raced as fast as you could to go see what they were doing? Your adrenalin was pumping, your heart was racing and you were so excited to get to "share" in the firefighters heroism. This book will take you back to that time, inspire you with the passion and desire to perform your job with excellence. Perhaps you are an emergency room nurse or doctor, practicing physician or physician's assistant. Can you remember why you pursued your line of business? You can't tell me you went through years and years of education without a tremendous amount of passion.

This is what Frontline Heroes is all about. Passion, worthwhile work, and making a difference. Read it and rediscover your passion. Rediscover your excitement about why do what you do. In turn, that will once again give you your purpose. Rediscover why you choose to do what you do.

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