Frontline Heroes
A Story of Saving Lives

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ISBN: 9780984079452


This book sticks with you. You will find yourself recalling many details that will spur your imagination to new heights when dealing with your own organization. It is a simple guide to a journey we all want and need to take…yet don't always know how to begin.

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Have you thought about sharing Frontline Heroes with your friends and co-workers? An inspiring book is the perfect gift -- especially when the gift can enrich a person's career!

What's Frontline Heroes?

Frontline Heroes is written in the context of a realistic organization. Although the story is fictional - the results are not. Throughout my career, I have found that all readers learn from different styles of writing. Some like to read textbooks filled with details, "how to's" and a simple straightforward dialogue. Others learn more effectively by losing themselves in a story and relating symbiotically to the characters. Understanding how these principles can be applied in a real-world environment is only limited by your imagination.

The book follows the experiences of paramedic Frank Benjamin, who wants more from his job than just "showing up." With Frank you'll experience the highs and lows of being the person in charge. Watch as he experiences the change from "one of the guys" to the expectations of leadership.

Often I have been asked "I'm not a firefighter…will these tools work for me?" Simply put, YES! The story follows one individual - in this case a firefighter. While you'll experience the excitement of the emergency services field, the tools and techniques offered work well in any organization. Let me show you, through Frank, how important each of the tools are for your success. While depicted in a fictional organization, these tools have been tested time and time again in real world organizations.

If you have a desire to become an excellent manager or outstanding organization but don't like to read management books, try Frontline Heroes. The tools you will learn are real. However, the approach to learning the tools has changed. Let me share with you an excerpt from the book.

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