Frontline Heroes
A Story of Saving Lives

ISBN: 9780984079452


This book sticks with you. You will find yourself recalling many details that will spur your imagination to new heights when dealing with your own organization. It is a simple guide to a journey we all want and need to take…yet don't always know how to begin.

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Over the years we have provided presentations in venues ranging from small board rooms to huge arenas. As a result, we now offer several presentations addressing a variety of subjects. Each presentation is customized to meet the particular needs and interests of your group and is delivered by the author of Frontline Heroes - not just another employee. We are available to share success stories and proven results with your organization. Use our knowledge and expertise for your organization. Some of the most popular presentations are listed below. Please contact us about a presentation topic that addresses your unique needs. Let's work together to create a home run program for your team.

Human Behavior



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Your organization's newsletter is an ideal place to generate excitement about your speaker's upcoming keynote address. You can start with a short teaser article about who your event's keynote speaker will be (such as "see our next issue about which author will be delivering the keynote address at our annual event."). You can then follow it up with a full article providing your audience with details about your speaker's background.

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Individual copies of Kurt's book Frontline Heroes are available for $24.95 through many outlets. However, coupled with a speaking engagement, discounts are available for organizations ordering 40 or more books.

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