Frontline Heroes
A Story of Saving Lives

ISBN: 9780984079452


This book sticks with you. You will find yourself recalling many details that will spur your imagination to new heights when dealing with your own organization. It is a simple guide to a journey we all want and need to take…yet don't always know how to begin.

The Nine Principles

Commit to Excellence
Are you personally committed to excellence? What are you doing that qualifies for such a high ranking? What are others doing to achieve the same commitment? Are there differences in the way we perceive what others are trying to do verses what you are doing?

Measure the Important Things
What are you measuring? Is it important to the success of your organization? To your family, friends, peers? If you are not measuring the "right" things, what can you do to change it?

Build a Culture Around Service
Are you emphasizing the idea of serving the needs of the many verses the needs of the few? What actions can you take to help build that culture within your sphere of influence?

Create and Develop Leaders
The best measure of success is what happens when you are not present. What are you doing to elevate your group to create and develop the leaders who will follow you? Are you doing enough to meet the cultural needs of the organization and take it beyond? Or simply enough to get by?

Focus on Employee Satisfaction
Do you focus on what makes your co-workers tick? Are they happy? Are you happy? If not, what changes can you make to improve the environment for everyone?

Build Individual Accountability
Are people held accountable for their actions or inactions? If so, how? What is their reaction to your accountability review? Push back or outright dissent? Is there another way this can be handled to improve performance without hurting the pluses and minimizing the minuses?

Align Behaviors With Goals and Values
Do you focus your efforts on making things come into alignment with the group's goals and values? Are the goals and values "valid" or do they need to be revised or changed to support the overall goals and values?

Communicate At All Levels
You may think you are communicating well, but are you? Do you ask for and receive feedback from others that clearly states where you need to improve? Do you help others in the same way?

Recognize and Reward Success
As human beings, we want to be recognized for our efforts. Do you recognize and reward without regard to "it's part of the job" or "someone else should have told them"? What are you doing to improve the organization by recognizing and rewarding individuals in formal, informal and spontaneous ways?

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