Frontline Heroes
A Story of Saving Lives

ISBN: 9780984079452


This book sticks with you. You will find yourself recalling many details that will spur your imagination to new heights when dealing with your own organization. It is a simple guide to a journey we all want and need to take…yet don't always know how to begin.

The Flywheel

The concept of the flywheel (Chapter 3).

What are the things that get your flywheel spinning?

Can you create more momentum in each and think about how that added momentum will help you fulfill your dreams - not only in terms of your career, but your home life, friendships and other activities?

What are the things that slow down your flywheel and make it necessary to find something to give you short bursts on the flywheel pick up the speed?

In what situations do you experience paralysis in making the changes necessary to be successful in meeting your goals? (Chapter 4)

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